Informed Community Planning

Project Purpose and Benefits

The Southern Foothills Community Stewardship Initiative, known simply as the Southern Foothills Initiative, is a citizen-based process designed to help provide direction to provincial, municipal and non-government organization land use planning and stewardship efforts in order to protect and enhance the integrity of the Foothills landscape of Southwest Alberta. Management of the project is a partnership between the Pekisko Group and the Chinook Institute for Community Stewardship.

The Southern Foothills Initiative aligns with and supports the strategies outlined in the Government of Alberta’s Land-use Framework and the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, as well as the goals and outcomes of the Water for Life strategy.

The project is of benefit to local landowners, and community members as it will help them to better understand and contribute to plans, decisions and initiatives that affect their quality of life and the landscape where they live. It will provide local, regional and provincial government officials with a strong statement of priorities and recommended practices developed from the perspective of local people, and informed by the Southern Foothills Study and current expert and science-based knowledge. Albertans as a whole will benefit from the protection of important landscape values, and the life-sustaining ecosystem goods and services that are currently provided by the Southern Foothills region.

In the long term, responsible land use results in a healthy and resilient natural environment and the increased capacity of local people to develop sustainable communities, improve quality of life, and maintain a diverse economic base.

The report of this Southern Foothills Initiative was completed in the fall of 2011 and is now available. Click the Results button to download and read the report.

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